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Cades Cove: History Is So Much Fun!

Cades Cove: History Is So Much Fun!

While visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we spent a day at Cades Cove. Twenty-seven miles west of Gatlinburg, Tennessee and once a thriving farming community, it is now the park’s major tourist attraction, receiving more than two million visitors each year. We enjoyed the trip between the town and the Cove, on a narrow […]

Sego Canyon: Rock Art Glory, Mining Town Ruins

Sego Canyon: Rock Art Glory, Mining Town Ruins

 One of the most enjoyable things we do in the southwest is search for petroglyphs and pictographs, the rock art made by the native peoples. Sometimes we come upon them as we hike in canyons and at the base of cliffs. Sometimes we find information about them in books or online, and then we go […]

No Place is So Beautiful that the "Magic of the Marketplace" Can't Ruin It

Estes Park, Colorado, is the gateway town to Rocky Mountain National Park. Much of its downtown was destroyed by flood in July 1982 when the Lawn Lake Dam burst. It was soon rebuilt, and those who oversaw the reconstruction did a good job. People still live in or close to the central business district, and […]


Every time we visit Pennsylvania, we notice the air pollution. According to a recent study by the Natural Resources Defense Council and Physicians for Social Responsibility, Pennsylvania’s air is the second most toxic in the nation.  Much of the pollution comes from coal and oil-fired power plants in Pennsylvania and nearby states, but there are […]

The Twin Sisters Hike

We first visited Estes Park, Colorado in June 2004. We stayed  at the Discovery Lodge motel, which offered a pleasant setting at a reasonable price. The town is nestled in a “park” surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, under the majestic gaze of Long’s Peak, at 14, 259 feet, the highest mountain in Rocky Mountain National […]